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Run a minimalistc server side trace then parse it off site with ReadTrace.exe according to the "AnalyseExample.bat".

So you think SQL Nexus is a good tool? Yes me to. But setting up SQLDiag can be a bit tricky. In many cases I'm fine just running Readtrace to parse,normalise and generate my topN queries from a minimum trace definition. I wrote a batch file for a Demo session to make a really simple example of how to do just that.
This is also an easy way for me to fetch trace data from a remote customer where they don't have a DBA available, and I don't have access to the environment. Later I can use Readtrace to do the trace analyse off site.

Readtrace.exe is a prerequisite to do the analysis of collected trace,
get it from Microsoft as part of RML Utilities:
The beauty of Readtrace.exe is that it will parse the trace file(s) and normalise and summaries metrics from your trace file(s). Readtrace.exe should be able to digest .trc-files from any SQL Server version ranging from 2000 to 2014.

Ready to leave your dinosaur behind?
Ideally when tracing SQL Server 2012 and 2014 consider using XEProfiler and Distributed Replay:

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